Iktikaf Muallaf Pulau Pinang 2015

Alhamdulillah, two-day Penang ‘Itikaf Muallaf was successfully co-organized by Hidayah Centre, MACMA, Institut Al-Qayyim, etc at Penang State Mosque. The activities held were qiamul lail, new muslim courses and tadarus al-Qur’an, objectives were to expose new Muslims on the experience of ‘itikaf inside a masjid solely for the remembrance of Allah. We thank Bro Izwan from New Muslim Care came all the way from KL to be with us for his beneficial knowledge on basic Muslim course and Muslim’s aqidah, jazakaAllahu khair kathira. The program ended successfully on 12 July 3pm. We would like to wish all Muslim happy hunting for the Night of Power in these remaining nights of Ramadhan, may Allah grant us the Lailatul Qadr.macma-penang-iktikaf1macma-penang-iktikaf2

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