Here is an opportunity to learn more of the Confucian teachings in order to have a better understanding of this famous philosophy principle amongst the local and abroad Chinese citizen. I had attended the first level of Dizigui in June 2012 , participated in their English Dizigui alumni reunion two months ago and served as one of the volunteer or usher for the just concluded Nov- Dec English Section Dizigui recently.

Some of my Muslim friends may feel sceptical and uneasy about learning and attending this Confucian course. As I am from a Chinese background therefore I feel that there is a need to learn and understand, what are the Chinese mindset,behaviour, how they appraise their morale conduct and to become filial piety and obedience toward their parents, spouse, friends and siblings so I can speak more confidently about it. You will be surprise of the result and to be able to embark in the variety and fun classes for one whole week was a very interesting and harmony experience for most of us.

The participants have a wonderful and joyous soul searching journey to share their real lives experience disregard religions and beliefs. They were from all kind of background and countries. Some came from Singapore , Taiwan, Indonesia and a lovely couple came as far from Australia just to attend this course. Multi religions participants and some were Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Hindu and Atheist . They learned good morale values, music, calligraphy , origami or paper folding and watched 2 touching and beautiful movies. Beside that they were taught how to fold the blanket, to correct the posture when walking and sitting, and Master Chang the Tai Chi master morning exercise and the participants were exposed to healthy eating lifestyle and practise as not to waste any food or resources.

A really Eye Opener Course to many and we gained a more better understanding of our Chinese root and background in term of the practise of good moral conduct for everyone to follow. Something which we have to seriously think about to approach our non Muslim counterparts. Good platform to eradicate all the misconception toward Islam and to install and inject all the good morale values to the society.

Best wishes and wassalam,

NurLaily Yap.



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