front infaqborang-wakafHaving the Al-Quran published in Chinese Mushaf, and with its Chinese language translation is the concerted effort of the Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (MACMA) and the Restu Foundation. It is a step towards creating a variety of dakwah efforts through the use of Mushaf Arts. This cooperation is established as there is a need to put together the Arabic calligraphy skills of the professionals of this country and of those from China to develop and establish a heritage of thinkers who sourced from the Al-Quran and who will preserve and promote Islamic Arts while at the same time spreading Islam and its teachings.

Mission and objectives
The publication of the Al Quran With Chinese Translation is aimed to fill in the need for such an Al-Quran for the Chinese. The main objective of the Al-Quran translated into Mandarin is to create an Al-Quran with the best appropriate translation text follows the requirements of syarak. It is hoped that with this Al-Quran its readers are able to get closer to a deeper understanding of the meanings of the Al-Quran. This is a step towards developing dakwah activities in the teachings of the Al-Quran, specifically to the Chinese all over the world who are not well-versed in the Arabic language.

The Al-Quran texts used are from the latest handwritten manuscripts of the Restu Foundation, which is the “Al-Quran MushafBarakah” that has been approved by the Publication of the Al-Quran Control Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Malaysia.

The supervision of the translation has been authorized to the Committee of the Translation and Transliteration of the Al-Quran that are made up of ulamas who are experts in Arabic, Mandarin and the field of transliteration. They are a group of professionals from China and Malaysia.

Developing the Zukhruf

Islam teaches its ummah to learn the Al-Quran and to glorify its teachings and to appreciate the beauty of the soul it brings. In developing the Mushaf Arts, two elements are important. These are the combination of Arabic Calligraphy Arts and the Zukhruf Artworks. Zukhruf is the art of decoration with the use of variety of motifs and designs of flowers and geometric patterns. These are to create designs that are attractive and beautiful. The beauty of artworks in Arabic Calligraphy and illumination (Zukhruf Arts) is hoped to bring the readers of the Al-Quran into bringing into their hearts, new understandings of the way of life as warranted by Islam.

The concept of Zukhruf Arts of the Al-Quran With Chinese Translation will adapt and apply from visual arts as sourced from the traditions and culture of the Muslim Chinese. This will encompass the architectural designs of the Chinese mosques, the flowers and plants of this country with the largest population of Muslim Chinese, its knowledge and technology, its crafts and textiles arts which have become the source of its economy and history.

Special Advantages

1. The translation of this Al-Quran uses the Tafsiriyyah Mukhtasirah with reference to several translations and transliterations in Mandarin.

2. Translated in Mandarin that has been made easy to be understood by all levels of Chinese in Malaysia.

3. The NasMushaf will use the handwritten manuscripts by the Restu Foundation following the ‘Uthmaniy and verified by the Publications of the Al-Quran Control Department, of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Malaysia.

4. This mushaf will be decorated with Zukhruf arts that are applications from the Muslim Chinese that encompasses the architectural structures the mosques, craft handworks, flowers and plants, designs on textiles especially from those of the traditional costumes, and of historic places.

5. Each page will use 4 colours. The beginning of the Mushaf page will use the application of beautiful intricate, fully coloured, that symbolizes the harmony of the cultural heritage of the Chinese.

6. To ease reading understanding of the texts, the verse of the Al-Quran and its translations are placed on pages side by side or in the same sections.

Brief history:
MACMA, founded on the 8th September 1994, is an Islamic NGO Association representing Chinese Muslims in Malaysia to bring forth Muslims in general and the Chinese Muslims in particular to become “Khairul Ummah” as defined by the Quran to build unity through diversity society, foster volunteerism spirit among members, uplift social and economy status and establish an Islamic learned and knowledgeable community.With 17 branches throughout Malaysia, MACMA has always been working in collaboration with the Islamic Council and with various NGOs to aggressively carry out dakwah activities.( website:

Restu Foundation is an NGO that was established in 1987. It is considered as the pioneer in the handwritten copying and in the publication of the “Al-Quran Malaysian Mushaf” since 1994. The Restu Foundation is also known for its expertise and skills in the production of the handwritten manuscripts of the Al-Quran and in the beautifully intricate visual artworks with motifs that are conceptualized from localized designs and traditional artworks of the country that required the publications in their own “brand” of Mushaf. Therefore, for each country, the Mushaf is unique to that particular country. website: (

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