Assalamu alaikum w.b.r.t,

Dear YBhg Dato’/Datin/Sir/Madam,

May this email reaches everyone in the best of health and iman.

We are pleased to inform you that during the tabling of the Y2015 national budget on 10th October 2014, YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia had announced the setting of the Al-Qur’an Publishing Centre to be soon based in Putrajaya, Malaysia. This initiative involves printing of 1 million copies of the Al-Qur’an annually and a sum of RM 30 milions has been allocated for the next 3 years beginning 2015.

The sum allocated by the Government will certainly assist Restu Foundation to realize the bigger vision of creating the first ever Al Qur’an printing centre out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.While the proposed sum is a good start up for this noble cause, the related printing costs namely for paper, translation, editing pre and post processes would still require general financial support from concern. We certainly look forward to the continued support from all concerned parties at all times.

In lieu, we hereby would like to inform you that the earlier proposed Wakaf Al-Qur’an with Chinese Translation Fund Raising Gala Dinner scheduled on 1st November 2014 in TMCC,Bangsar would be POSTPONED to 14th March 2015.

The new date is deemed necessary to gain more momentum of this unique project further and encourage more participation from both public and corporate sector. It would augur well with the preparations to roll out the first batch of 100,000 copies of Al-Qur’an very soon, carefully translated into Mandarin.

The Chinese translated Al-Qur’an is not only meant for the Chinese Muslim reverts, but also to the non-Muslim Chinese community to better understand the religion, while forming a vital part of the global dakwah program.

Do take note of the changes, and we shall keep you posted on more exciting developments soon.

Meanwhile, we look forward to your continued support towards this event and our sincere apologies for all the inconveniences caused.

May All of us be rewarded and blessed by Allah swt in this noble cause of propagation Islam to the ummah.

Best regards and wasalam,

Nurlaily Yap
Project Al Quran with Chinese Translation

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